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  • Daphne Budding

How I deal with the February blues

February has always been a challenging month for me. By this point, I am typically sick of the short days of winter. All the fun winter stuff is over: my birthday (I love my birthday), Christmas, and New Year's. The days are still overcast and the air is damp, and I am desperate for spring, flowers, and sunshine. This has been my traditional outlook towards February. Then I met, loved, and married a man whose birthday is in February. He has two children whose birthdays are also in February. Twenty-five (almost) married years later, I still struggle with February blues. Why am I sharing this? Because this year, both of our February children are getting quilts for their birthdays. One is already finished and the other is going for quilting this week. Hurray!

In the meantime, the Bear-BQ quilt is done. Charlotte Smith did an amazing job with the quilting. The binding is on and it is hanging in the store. She used a pattern called Bear Claw. So my Bear Quilt with Bear Paws along the bottom is quilted with Bear Claws. This quilt was part of my first blog. The pattern came about because my husband suggested that I write about bears. When I showed him the finished quilt, he told me that it was the best quilt I had ever done. He likes bears.

Go ahead and click on the images! You can see the "bear paws" on the bottom, and a close-up of the quilting detail.

My retreat quilt is also finished. The pattern, Above and Below, is designed by Michele Fiolleau, who owns MaMi’s Country Quilts. I have named this quilt “Being Sixty” because I went to her retreat to celebrate turning sixty years old. Marilyn McKinnon did an amazing job quilting this for me. My husband said that it was very nice. I think it rates only a “very nice” because it lacks bears.

"Being Sixty" Quilt by Daphne Budding
"Being Sixty" Quilt by Daphne Budding

Among all of the quilt piecing, I started a plan for FibreFeelia 2024. Classes are being established. Vendors are being notified. Plans for FibreFeelia are in the works. There are plans for a few changes this year, intending to make the event more engaging and educational for those of us who love fibre.

If you want to learn more, go to

The site is ever-changing as class information and vendor details are added. The New Denver Quilt Guild will also be showing this year’s beautiful creations. The guild members are a talented group of people. The work will be beautiful.

The store’s Grand Opening anniversary is February 4. To celebrate this milestone, everything in the store or online will be 20% off from February 7 to 10, 2024. Hope to see you then!

For now, keep creating.



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