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  • Daphne Budding

Red Threads: A Journey Through the World of Crimson

I love the colour red. I have loved that colour for a very long time and I don’t see an end in sight.

Red is a strong colour. It is a “notice me” colour. When I wear red, I feel powerful. But red in a quilt is a very different thing. In a quilt, it can say, “I own this quilt and what are you gonna do about it?”

How to use my favourite colour in a quilt is all about balance. A strong colour needs and wants to be around other strong colours.

All this is leading to the fact that I typically avoid buying fabric with a lot of red. But obviously, when I saw this red fabric my brain said “avoid no more”. So I bought an entire series of fabrics that profiles the colour red and I love it. I have visions of quilts dancing in my head.

Collection of red fabrics

I recently went to the Creston Quilt Show. What a talented group of people! The quilts, truly, were works of art, and I saw such creative uses of fabric and techniques! Then, a week later, I was at the West Kootenay Quilting Guilds conference. Again, a lovely display of skills and techniques.

What amazed me the most was the generosity. Individuals donate many quilts for people facing a crisis, whether caused by a disaster, accident, or illness. Many others make them to be used as fundraisers for charitable causes.

Whether you knit a scarf, crochet a hat, spin roving into yarn, sew a quilt, embroider a picture, hook a rug, needle-punch a chair cushion, or engage in any other beautiful fiber arts, you are an artist.

Thank you to all of you. You are creative and generous. Every time you sew, you give a piece of yourself. You inspire others. Remember, you are an artist. What you do is amazing. You are amazing.

So that is it. Thanks for reading. Hope to see you at FibreFeelia!



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