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  • Daphne Budding

You can always learn something new

As of this posting, I have just left a quilt retreat in Central Saskatchewan. If you are wondering why I travelled 1,229 km to go to a quilt retreat, here it is. My best friend, Pat, and I both turned 60 years old this year. She is six days older than me. (Aside: those are my favourite six days of every year.) We decided to go on a quilt retreat to celebrate this momentous occasion. The retreat we chose was hosted by MaMi’s (MawMees) Country Quilting in Duck Lake, Saskatchewan.

I own a quilting fabric store and I am going to a quilt retreat? Why?

Here are my thoughts. I am very fortunate in New Denver, British Columbia because not only do I own a store that has fabric, yarn, roving, and notions, but I belong to a great quilt guild. It is a small group of people who are very supportive and always willing to help each other learn more about quilting techniques. I am, as a new quilter, so very thankful for this group. The guild is generous to the community: it has given handmade quilts to the Youth Center and to people who have experienced a traumatic event. I am very proud to be a member of the New Denver Quilt Guild.

However, I believe that I can always learn more. With quilting, I know that I can learn a lot more!

At this quilt retreat, I am spending time with six other quilters – all of whom are more experienced quilters than me. Not that it is very challenging to be a better quilter than I am, mind you.

Now, you may think that you don’t want to go to Duck Lake, Saskatchewan, which is five miles away from Nowhere, but you should reconsider that thought. MaMi’s is a great store, with approximately 8000 bolts of fabric. Amazing fabric. 8000 bolts. Wow.

So if you are heading to Saskatoon or Prince Albert or are thinking about travelling to Prince Albert National Park, stop at Duck Lake. You won’t regret going to MaMi’s Country Quilting. And if you aren’t able to travel there, go to a quilt retreat or workshop that is nearer to where you live. You will have fun and probably learn something.

At the retreat, I made this quilt top, and this cork iPad cover, and I learned how to paper piece.

I ate very well and didn’t even have to do the dishes. I learned a lot.

Talk with you here in a couple of weeks. Take care.



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